Eat Clean Therapy

For many people, dieting is hard work. Every day you have to focus on counting calories and measuring the amount of fat in the foods you’re eating. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to concern yourself with any of that so you are free to enjoy your life and the daily benefits of getting healthy?

That is why I have developed the EAT CLEAN therapy.

It is completed over 3 sessions. One a week.

Some people aren’t suited to Gastric Band Hypnotherapy or simply do not want to push things that far. The EAT CLEAN therapy is there for those people looking to lose just a few stone but at the same time, motivating you to get out and exercise and take real control of your life. Its about making eating healthily such a deep part of your subconscious mind that its becomes completely normal to cook a healthy meal or snack on fruit instead or those chocolate bars and cake!

Before you know it, you could find yourself struggling to remember what it was like to be unhealthy!