Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects around 20 percent of the population. Many people do not know they have it as it is so mild, it is barely noticable. But for the those that suffer more severe symptoms, it can be a debilitating condition which can cause great pain, discomfort, and can even lead to depression.

There are many ways to manage the condition, some of which include regular exercise and control of the diet. Hypnotherapy has been proven to be very successful in managing IBS. One of the main triggers for it is stress. There is a direct link between the stress centre of the brain and the gut. I am sure many of you have suffered flutters in your stomach when nervous! When we are under any kind of stress, the reaction is almost instant and the gut begins to abreact.

By using hypnotherapy to help the client to deal with stress and to retrain the gut not to react in such an overwhelming way, the symptoms of IBS can decrease and almost become non existent.