I have always struggled with my weight, mainly due to my addiction of junk food especially chocolate. After Christmas 2016 I decided to get in touch with Gareth. It has been the best thing I've done, I had the gastric band hypnotherapy and it started working after the first session.

In four months I have already lost four stone. I feel so much better for it even exercising every day and wanting to!! I have so much more confidence in myself and energy, I hardly ever sit down now!!

Gareth is very professional, I felt very relaxed, he explained everything well. I would definitely recommend him.

Thank you so much Gareth


Well, I have finished my 4 session course of Gastric Band Hypnotherapy with Gareth and I feel fantastic. I've always had issues with my weight and as I'm fast approaching the big 40 thought it was time to take the plunge and do something about it.

To be honest was a bit of an unbeliever at first but after only 1 session with Gareth I had started to notice the changes in my eating and cooking habits. 4 sessions on and I'm over 1 and a half stone lighter and feel so much healthier and better about myself! I have even started exercising regularly to boost my weight loss. Something I have never really done and am finding myself really enjoying it.

Gareth is always professional and makes you feel at ease from the onset explaining everything that is going to happen.
To be honest I would have happily just paid for the relaxation I experienced during our sessions but the added bonus of living a more healthy life and loosing weight is amazing!!
Would highly recommend Gareth to anyone
Thank you so much


First i'd like to start by saying hypnotherapy wasn't my sort of thing and I had very little belief it would would, but I'd tried everything else and I wanted to be better . I came to see Gareth, who is a really nice guy, in the hope he could help with my 30 year fear of needles and anxiety/panic attacks. He put me at easy right away from day one I felt like he was more of a friend than anything else.

Then we tackled problems I didn't know or think I had. And sufficed to say, today I had a blood test for the first time in thirty years!
I have not had one nightmare of panic attack since I have seen him and he really has changed my life for the better .

So if you're thinking of seeing him or not sure, believe me when I say, he is legit and I give him full permission to give my details to anyone who would like more information. In closing, he is good at what he does and he decided to finish the sessions. So he is not in it for the money. Thank you Gareth so much


Feeling so chuffed I finished my hypnotherapy today for my depression. I feel amazing. Thanks to Gareth Thomas Hypnotherapy for changing my life. He is amazing and I highly recommend him to anyone!


Thankyou so much for all of your help. You have helped me so much for the better and I'm feeling a lot more confident that I will never gamble again, it's completely out of my mind. Can't believe how much my mindset had changed, feeling very positive. Would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs hypnotherapy, brilliant


I went to see Gareth with what could be described as a phobia of vegetables and salad. I couldn't put them in my mouth without spitting them out or being sick. To the extreme where if I was in a restaurant and there was any salad/veg on my plate my dinner was inedible, the salad/veg had to be taken off my plate along with anything that it had even touched!! This has been the case for my whole life. After my first session I went home determined, and during that week I ate, kept down and enjoyed some vegetables on my dinners and some salad, after the 2nd session I'd progressed and had eaten many more vegetables that in the past wouldn't have even have been able to be on my plate never mind gone near my mouth! The change has been incredible and will lead to a happier and healthier life for me. I would highly recommend Hypnotherapy. In particularly Gareth. If you have any phobias, worries or aspects of your life you want to change. He was highly professional and made me feel at ease from the moment we met.


My Doctor said I had an overactive bladder because I went to the loo many times in a day. However after she was going to put me on some ghastly drug I thought I might try a Hypnotist. The reason I went down this road is because I only had the urge to go to the loo when I was on my own and not when I had people round me. I therefore thought it must be something to do with me.
After three sessions with Gareth I am now completely cured and only go to the loo when I need to, even when I am alone. I am so glad I went to Gareth.


Just want to let you know that after my two sessions with you end of oct beginning of November,
( fear of flying) had a brilliant holiday in America, with not a care in the world leading up to departure and my usual feeling sick at the thought of getting on a plane.

The following were flights I took:

Heathrow to Dallas. 10 hours
Dallas to fort walton. 2 hours

Week later

Fort walton to Dallas. 2 hours
Dallas to le guardia NY 6 hours

JFK to London heathrow 7 hours

Thoroughly enjoyed every journey, and no alcohol or tranquillisers were taken at all!!!!!!
Thank you so much gareth for helping me climb that mountain, am now looking forward to planning a holiday next year.

Thanks again


I don't know if you remember me. I visited you back in November last year regarding my fear of flying. I am writing to let you know I took my first flights this week. My wife and I flew from Bristol Airport to Rome for a 3 night break and I had no problems. My wife couldn't believe it. She told me to write to you and thank you. On the return journey I even managed to look out of the window and had no problems.

Thanks again and I will recommend you to any of my friends who have similar problems.


I would really like to say a huge thanks to you Gareth for your help and patience with my panic attacks. You pin pointed in 1 session that my problem was due to panic/anxiety attacks of which I had been suffering from for many years. Doctors had failed to recognise my problem but thanks to you I am well on the road to recovery. Big thanks once again.


I would like to thank you for the utter change in my terrible fear of flying.

Thanks to you I flew on 6 planes in 4 weeks, return trips from the Uk to New Zealand and North to South Islands while there.

I was just not going to go on the first plane, but something kept pushing me. On the second plane I felt much more able to cope.

The other four journeys were just a joy. In just two sessions you changed my whole perspective on flying and I flew some 24,000 miles.

Many, Many Thanks


My experience of my Hypnotherapy treatment with Gareth was an exceptionally positive one with an unexpected, immediate result. Whilst using the 'Part's Therapy' method to aid me in making an important decision, Gareth competently assisted me to achieve what I can only describe as a pure 'Eureka!' moment where the answer was clarified!

This was such an incredibly useful experience. Gareth was extremely professional throughout the treatment, and he made me feel totally relaxed and comfortable. I highly recommend Gareth for any reason that you require Hypnotherapy - I am certain that you too will receive amazing results!

V. Wilkinson-Hughes

I was nervous but was so adamant to get on the plane, the flight over was lovely, no bumps at all and we were travelling into light so the views were amazing so that kept me busy, the flight back had bad turbulance so i was really anxious on that flight but i will still fly! the hypnotherapy was amazing I would 100% recommend Gareth Thomas Hypnotherapy


I really enjoyed my experience with Gareth Thomas Hypnotherapy. I thought he was very professional, he made me feel comfortable and explained everything so i didnt feel so nervous. This helped me relax and was able to undergo the therapy easier.

As hypnotherapy is not something I have undergone before, I did not know what to expect or how things would be done. It was great that Gareth took the time to explain everything to me and answered every question I had to help put me at ease. I was very happy with the outcome. It was a great experience and I would definitely do it again. I have recommended Gareth to friends and family.

S. Everett

I called on Gareth Thomas Hypnotherapy for help with relaxation. I don’t suffer with stress but I do find it hard to wind down at the end of the day. I find my mind working over time when I try to read a book or watch television.

Gareth put me at ease from the start – you feel vulnerable when seeking out others to help, but at once I felt at ease almost instantly. I was recommended to his service by a friend, who is also a client of Gareth’s.

All I can say is hypnotherapy has helped me to slow down when I need to and it has not impacted on my motivation. I had three sessions with Gareth, he said I might need between 1 - 3 sessions and he was right. I felt a difference after the after the first session. I went to see Gareth once a week for three weeks; I found his therapy room relaxing and comfortable.

I didn’t feel judged, his relaxed and caring nature made the whole process easy, he was straight down the line about what I might expect.

I would definitely recommend Gareth Thomas Hypnotherapy and indeed have done, I trust him and have no compunction in calling on him again – thank you Gareth!


Hi Gareth just a quick update to let you know how I’m getting on after Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. I’m exercising every day now swimming a few times a week and generally feeling a lot better. I have to have my other knee done I’m on the waiting list now. I’m 4 stone lighter thanks to you and keeping it off. A whole different lifestyle change. Here are a few photos. A great big shout out to you for all your help